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Eagle and Child

There is a Canadian video making the rounds on the internet of a golden eagle snatching a toddler. Perhaps you’ve seen it? Alas, it is all too likely to be fake, yet somehow still captures the imagination.  Why?  My friend … Continue reading

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Piper at the Gate

I swear this is the last post about The Wind in the Willows, but I came across a picture on my hard drive that I’d taken this summer of an Oxford doorpost, and it reminded me of a famous passage … Continue reading

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4 x 5

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A Star, A Star, Dancing in the Night

Ordinarily, I’m not happy about insomnia, but when I woke up around 2 a.m. this morning, I went out and had a look up at the Geminids streaking across the sky.  The asteroid-like object of which these meteors are a … Continue reading

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Moles: What I’ve Dug Up

Sometimes when we’re out for a walk, my dog Daisy will stop dead, point at the ground, dig furiously, and pull up a mole. She is delighted by this, but I’m ambivalent, feeling sorry for the mole who’s suddenly been … Continue reading

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A Sudden Chinook

What’s up? The sky. Sometimes there are amazing things in it. Last Friday, I saw an enormous double helicopter fly low over my house, and then pass back by a few minutes later.  I jumped, the dogs barked, birds were … Continue reading

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